The Jytter TRNG

Jytter is a unique True Random Number Generator (TRNG) that works in userspace, with no I/O necessary, and forms the heart of the random number generation used in Karacell.

The advantage of Jytter is that is can run on hardware as minimal as a clocked CPU attached to some memory, and still produce true random numbers. Adding peripherals and other “things” that ping the CPU only increases the speed at which it can generate truly random bitstrings. What’s more, its all just a measly 11 machine-code instructions!

The details of Jytter, including source code, theory, and characterization can be found here:

Jytter External Blog

This page is dedicated to discussions and comments about Jytter.

One response

9 01 2013

Thanks to Dan Kaminski (a random-number and IT security guru), who has generously ported Jytter to Mac OS/X….which can be found on his blog here:

Jytter ported to Mac OS/X

And also for his kind comments: “Russell Leidich (the author) did some really impressive work here. I did virtually nothing (just enabled playing with it on OS X). The posts at the Jytter site are well worth the time spent absorbing.”

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